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Meet our Scientists

PHO scientists work in diverse fields and disciplines and come to us from internationally renowned academic and research institutions. They produce and publish significant scientific and public health projects and studies.

NEW! VIDEO PROFILES—please visit a profile page to hear our scientists talk about the impact of their work.

Dr. Vanessa Allen

Chief, Medical Microbiology

Dr. Jeff Kwong


Dr. Andrea Boggild

Medical microbiologist

Dr. Pamela Leece

Public Health Physician, Health Promotion, Chronic Disease and Injury Prevention

Dr. Shelly Bolotin


Dr. Liane Macdonald

Public health physician

Dr. George Broukhanski

Molecular Specialist/Biologist

Dr. Anna Majury

Clinical microbiologist

Dr. Kevin Brown


Dr. Gustavo Mallo


Dr. Hong Chen


Dr. Heather Manson

Chief, Health Promotion, Chronic Disease and Injury Prevention

Dr. Ray Copes

Chief, Environmental and Occupational Health

Dr. Tony Mazzulli

Medical microbiologist

Dr. Natasha Crowcroft

Chief, Applied Immunization Research

Dr. John McLaughlin

Chief Science Officer and Senior Scientist

Dr. Shelley Deeks

Medical director, Immunization and Vaccine-Preventable Diseases

Dr. Roberto Melano

Molecular microbiologist

Dr. Peter Donnelly

President and CEO

Dr. Brent Moloughney

Medical Director, Health Promotion, Chronic Disease and Injury Prevention

Dr. Nahuel Fittipaldi


 Dr. Samir Patel

Clinical microbiologist

Dr. Gary Garber

Chief, Infection Prevention and Control


Dr. Laura Rosella


Dr. Jonathan Gubbay

Medical microbiologist

Dr. Beate Sander


Dr. Erin Hobin


Dr. Brian Schwartz

Chief, Communicable Diseases, Emergency Preparedness and Response

Dr. Fran Jamieson

Medical microbiologist

 Dr. Doug Sider

Medical director, Communicable Disease Prevention and Control

Dr. Ian Johnson

Scientific advisor

Dr. Sonica Singhal

Scientist, Oral Health  

Dr. Jennie Johnstone

Infection prevention and control physician

Dr. Brendan Smith


Dr. Yasmin Khan

Consultant physician

Public health physician

Dr. JinHee Kim

Public health physician, Environmental and Occupational Health
Public health physician

Dr. Julianne Kus

Clinical microbiologist

Medical epidemiologist




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