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Alcohol Resources

Harmful alcohol use can lead to increased risk of health problems, and is a leading risk factor for death disease and disability in Ontario. This includes injuries, violence, liver diseases, cancer and other chronic diseases. Both the patterns and level of consumptions can contribute to the overall burden of illness.

Local alcohol policies can be an important and effective way to promote moderate alcohol consumption, support community values, raise awareness of harms, influence community social norms and promote healthier communities.

Public Health Ontario provides a variety of resources and expertise to enable municipal alcohol policies and planning and implementation of alcohol-related interventions.


Municipal alcohol policies map


New resources, including an interactive map identifying the status of alcohol policies in Ontario by municipality, and a repository​ of policies available for review are now available.

Find out more​

Alcohol screening


Learn more about early intervention strategies to reduce harms related to alcohol use in our Evidence Brief.

Evidence Brief: Alcohol screening, brief intervention and referral (SBIR) services in health settings




Municipal alcohol policy
Alcohol labelling

Provincial Municipal Alcohol Policy (MAP) Scan: Summary of Findings from a Public Health Unit Survey

At a Glance: The eight steps for developing a municipal alcohol policy

Making the case: Tools for supporting local alcohol policy in Ontario

Municipal Alcohol Policies and Public Health: A Primer​

Focus On:  Alcohol warning labels and FASD

Focus On: Standard alcohol labels (2015)

Evidence Brief: Impacts of standard drink labelling (2014)


Seminar: Municipal Alcohol Policy Scan (October 22, 2015)

Seminar: Alcohol Policy Interventions (June 19, 2014)


Alcohol advertising
Data and analytics
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Focus On: Alcohol Marketing (2016)

Focus On: Standard alcohol labels (2015)

Evidence Brief: Impacts of standard drink labelling (2014)

Evidence Brief: Potential adverse health events following consumption of alcohol mixed with energy drinks

Snapshots: Self-reported alcohol use

Taking Action To Prevent Chronic Disease

Opening Eyes, Opening Minds: The Ontario Burden of Mental Illness and Addictions Research

Municipal alcohol policies map

Low Risk Alcohol Drinking Guidelines (Canadian Centre on Substance Abuse)

Ontario Public Heath Standards Guidance Document

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