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Immunization Coverage 


To obtain or inquire about an immunization record, or for public immunization information, please contact your local public health unit

For scientific and technical inquiries related to immunizations or immunization coverage, contact

Public Health Ontario leads the provincial surveillance of vaccine coverage. Coverage is assessed for school pupils and examines the uptake of Ontario's publicly-funded immunization programs.

Immunization coverage refers to the proportion of a specific population that has received the recommended number of doses of a certain vaccine or vaccines by a certain age. Ensuring high immunization coverage is essential for the effective prevention and control of vaccine-preventable diseases. 


VaccineCoverage2013-16_Thumb.jpgImmunization Coverage Report for School Pupils in Ontario:
2013-14, 2014-15 and 2015-16

This report is the first comprehensive assessment of coverage produced after the implementation of the Digital Health Immunization Repository and Panorama. The report covers three school years.

Past Annual Report: 2012-13

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