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​​​​Maps is a collection of interactive geospatial products from PHO that will focus on geographic data, providing user driven detail on spatial relationships between various data points and administrative boundaries. These products will help public health practitioners to identify and investigate patterns in local and provincial health data, and inform public health action.

Health Services LocatorHealth Services Locator

The Health Services Locator map allows you to search for key health service sites and administrative health boundaries in Ontario. This includes hospitals, long-term care homes, PHO Laboratory and Regional IPAC Offices, Local Health Integration Network (LHIN) boundaries and public health unit (PHU) boundaries. The map can be searched by postal code to locate nearby services and administrative boundaries.


Raw Water Contaminants mapMunicipal Alcohol Policies

The municipal alcohol policy (MAP)  map allows you to search and identify municipalities in Ontario that have  reported having policies that available /unavailable for review.  It also identifies areas were the existence of policies are unknown.  You can view the map using upper and lower tier municipal boundaries  and by health unit and local health integration networks (LHIN) boundaries.  To view available policies visit the Municipal Alcohol Policy Repository.  To submit or revise a policy complete an intake form 


Raw Water Contaminants mapRaw Water Contaminants

The Raw Water Contaminants map provides information from untreated water sampling programs to support risk assessments of small drinking water systems. It includes specific information on chemical contaminants relevant to public health and human health guidelines and standards. 




Browser requirements: To access and utilize the full functionality within Maps pages, it is recommended to use Internet Explorer 9 (or above) or Google Chrome internet browsers. 


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