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IPAC Core Competencies Course

Infection Prevention and Control (IPAC) Core Competencies are basic skills and knowledge all Ontario health care workers need to understand about IPAC. The Core Competencies help protect workers, their patients, and co-workers from infections; regardless of their role, position, education, and experience. This course is based on Provincial Infectious Diseases Advisory Committee (PIDAC) best practices and focuses on:

  • Routine Practices: IPAC practices that are used routinely during all activities, for all clients, patients and residents in all health care settings to help prevent and control the spread of infectious agents.
  • Additional Precautions: practices used in addition to Routine Practices for certain pathogens or clinical presentations based on the mode of transmission: contact, droplet, and/or airborne.




This course is intended for all health care workers.

Course Description

The IPAC Core Competencies Course will help learners improve their knowledge about infection prevention and control. Learners will be able to apply their learning and skills to their workplace setting. The goal is to decrease the risk of transmission of infection in health care.

Course Content

This interactive course has six modules. The first five modules focus on Routine Practices and the sixth module addresses Additional Precautions.

  1. Occupational Health and Safety
  2. Chain of Transmission and Risk Assessment
  3. Health Care Provider Controls
  4. Control of the Environment
  5. Administrative Control
  6. NEW! Additional Precautions 
Course Requirements

This course has no prerequisites. Registration and login are required. Please read the following for further information:

We recommend learners complete the first five modules before they begin the Additional Precautions module.

Course Duration

The time required to complete each module will vary from 20 – 40 minutes. Due to individual differences, there may be variations in terms of time taken to complete the course.


A certificate is available upon successful completion (100%) of the scored test at the end of each module.

Download Course

To install this online learning course in your organization’s Learning Management System (LMS) please visit LMS file download page.


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