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Reports and activities

​LDCPs address areas of common interest related to the Ontario Public Health Standards. Completed reports and related information are grouped by the standards:

Foundational Standard

Population health assessment and surveillance
  • Evaluation of the quality, impact, value and sustainability of a model to collect provincial data for the Rapid Risk Factor Surveillance System (RRFSS) [PDF]
  • Assessing child and youth surveillance gaps for Ontario public health units
    • August 2016 webinar slides [PDF]
    • Research brief, August 2016  [PDF]
    • Final report (A3 size) [PDF]
    • Final report (A4 size) [PDF]
    • Summary final report [PDF]
Program evaluation
  • Building evaluation capacity in Ontario public health units
    • Executive summaries part 1&2 [PDF] part 3 [PDF]
    • Part 1-2: Final report [PDF]
    • Part 3: Scoping review of evaluation capacity building services [PDF]
    • Infographic #1: Study overview and key findings [PDF]
    • Infographic #2: Interpretation of the self-assessment results [PDF]
  • Building evaluation capacity in Ontario public health units - renewal project
    • Final report [PDF]
    • Executive summary of final report [PDF]

Chronic Diseases and Injuries

Chronic disease prevention 
  • Beyond BMI: Investigating the feasibility of using NutriSTEP and electronic medical records as a surveillance system for healthy weights including risk and protective factors in children [PDF]
  • Beyond BMI: The collection and integration of risk and protective factor information in electronic medical records (EMRs) for childhood healthy weights surveillance in Ontario
    • Poster presentation [PDF]
    • Fact Sheet [PDF]
    • Pamphlet [PDF]
  • A study of food literacy among youth, young pregnant women and young parents who are at risk for poor health
    • Research brief [PDF]
    • Final report [PDF] 
  • Measuring food literacy in public health
    • Project update - August 2016 [PDF]
Prevention of injury and substance misuse 
  • Adapting Alberta’s ‘A Million Messages’ for Implementation in Ontario’s Health and Social Services System [PDF]
  • Addressing Alcohol Consumption and Alcohol-Related Harms at the Local Level [PDF]
  • Engaging Community Organizations in Fall Prevention for Older Adults: Moving from Research to Action [PDF]
  • Implementing community-based fall prevention initiatives: A multiple case study of public health – community partnerships [PDF]
  • Making fall prevention “everyone’s business” - Getting community partners to actively address fall prevention for older adults
    • Research brief [PDF]
    • Poster [PDF]

Family Health

Reproductive health 
  • Assessing Public Health Prenatal Educational Knowledge - Findings from the LDCP Healthy Pregnancies Project [PDF]
    • Summary report [PDF]
Child health 
  • A Provincial Assessment of Parenting Styles in Ontario [PDF]
  • Pilot Study of a Standardized Breastfeeding Surveillance Data Collection Tool and Method for Ontario Public Health Units
    • Final Report and Recommendations [PDF]
    • Phase 1 Report [PDF]
    • KE Project PHU Survey Report [PDF]
    • KE Project Final Report and Analytic Guidance Documents [PDF]
  • Infant Feeding Surveillance Knowledge Exchange Continuation Project 
    • Summary Report on Public Health Use of Prospective  Questionnaires and Requirements for Analysis Tools [PDF]




Infectious diseases

No projects have been done to date related to this standard.


Environmental Health

Recommended Best Practices for Healthy Built Environments
  • An Environmental Scan of Built Environment Data Related to Walkability and Environmental Exposure in Urban Ontario [PDF]
  • Healthy Rural Communities Tool Kit. A Guide for Rural Municipalities [PDF]


Emergency Preparedness

No projects have been done to date related to this standard.


Emerging Issues

Mental health 
  • Identifying areas of focus for mental health promotion in children and youth for Ontario public health [PDF]
    • Summary Report [PDF
Social media 
  • Analyzing the Effectiveness of Social Media Planning, Implementation, and Evaluation at Health Units in Ontario. Toolkit for Ontario Public Health Units [PDF]
Health equity 
  • Mapping A Pathway For Embedding A Strengths-Based Approach In Public Health Practice [PDF]
  • Develop and Test Indicators of Ontario Local Public Health Agency Work to Address the Social Determinants of Health to Reduce Health Inequities: Phase 1 Report: Review of the Literature [PDF]
  • Develop and Test Indicators of Ontario Local Public Health Agency Work to Address the Social Determinants of Health to Reduce Health Inequities: Phase 2 Report: A Case Study Approach to Pilot Test Indicators [PDF]
  • Health equity indicators for Ontario local public health agencies: User Guide [PDF]


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