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Planning is currently underway for the next cycle (cycle 5) of regular LDCP funding. PHO will fund three new projects in this cycle.
For detailed information about project requirements, timelines, and supports provided by the LDCP program, please refer to the LDCP Cycle 5 Participation Guidelines and view the LDCP Cycle 5 Webinar Launch slide deck.
Priority-setting and next steps

For this cycle, we are approaching priority-setting similarly to the Special Edition of LDCP . In August, we sent an online survey to all public health units to kick off priority-setting. The next step is for public health units to generate specific project ideas based on prioritized topics from the modernized Ontario Standards for Public Health Programs and Services (OSPHPS): 

  • Mental health/suicide prevention (School Health Standard)
  • Substance misuse (Chronic Diseases and Injury Prevention, Wellness Prevention of Injury and Substance Misuse Standard)
  • Strategies to reduce exposure to health hazards and promote healthy natural/built environments (Healthy Environments Standard) 
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