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Neisseria gonorrhoeae – NAAT - Urine
Specimen Type:

​Collect 20.0-30.0 ml of Urine (first catch) in a sterile container.

Unsuitable specimens: NAAT testing has not been validated for adolescents (less than 16 years), and medico-legal specimens (pre-pubertal children, sexual abuse in peri-pubertal and pre-pubertal children, sexual assault and legal cases). Culture is the method of choice in these cases.


​Transfer 2.0 ml of urine from sterile container to the GEN-PROBE® APTIMA® Urine Transport tube using the disposable pipette within 24 hours of collection. Only the GEN-PROBE® APTIMA® Urine Specimen Collection kit is acceptable for testing at PHOL.

Collection information:

​To order collection kits or other PHOL supplies complete the Requisition for Containers and Supplies. The form should be faxed to Public Health Ontario Laboratory, Toronto at 416-235-5753 or your local PHOL.

Minimum volume required:

​Urine collection kits contain a preservative in the optimal volume required for accurate testing. Transfer urine into the collection kit using the pipette provided, filling between the black lines only.


​Complete all fields of the General Test Requisition Form

Preparation prior to transport:

​Place specimen in biohazard bag and seal. After collection, the urine must be stored and transported to the lab at 2-30°C within 30 days of collection. Do not use expired kits.

Special Instructions:

​Specimen collection instructions are located on the GEN-PROBE® APTIMA® Urine Specimen Collection kit packaging. Refer to the instructions prior to specimen collection.


​NAAT is available for testing Chlamydia trachomatis (CT) only, or for duplex testing of Chlamydia trachomatis and Neisseria gonorrhoeae (CT/GC), from one collection kit.


Neisseria gonorrhoeae NAAT urine specimens are tested daily, Monday to Saturday.
TAT is up to 3 days.


​Results are reported to the ordering physician or health care provider as indicated on the requisition.

Positive reports are phoned or faxed if client is registered for auto fax.

Specimens that are positive for Neisseria gonorrhoeae are to be reported to the Medical Officer of Health as per Health Protection and Promotion Act.

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