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Laboratory Services
​A look inside ​PHO's laboratory
PHO operates eleven laboratories across the province, offering you these services:
  • Clinical and environmental testing
  • Clinical consultation
  • Technical and customer service support
  • Education and training programs for laboratory professionals
  • Evaluation of new laboratory technologies and methodologies
To prepare for and respond to emergencies, our team:​
  • Provides laboratory surveillance
  • Tests for bioterrorism
  • Investigates outbreaks
  • Supports and contributes resources to incident management

Tick Testing and Submission – Update 

This year, compared to last year, Public Health Ontario (PHO) has received a significantly higher number of tick submissions, which has resulted in delays in identification and reporting of results. Please note that the tick identification program is for surveillance purposes only, in order to monitor emerging areas of tick populations in Ontario. 

Patients should be managed based on a risk assessment that considers:

• the tick exposure 

• the potential for transmission of tick-borne pathogens

Patients should not be managed based on the results of the tick submission. For more information on tick submission and testing, please see our FAQ:


Respiratory Viral Testing Algor​ithm and Enhanced Surveillance – Update​

Effective November 7, 2016, Public Health Ontario will be updating its respiratory viral testing algorithm to provide the highest quality testing, multiplex respiratory viral PCR (MRVP), for all patients being tested. Please see the Labstract for more details, including important changes to testing of ambulatory patients. ​


Public Health On​tario Laboratory-Based Respiratory Pathogen Surveillance Reports

The PHO Laboratory-Based Respiratory Pathogen Surveillance Report summarizes patients’ specimens tested at the Public Health Ontario Laboratories (PHOL) for influenza and other respiratory pathogens.
View Laboratory-Based Respiratory Pathogen Surveillance Report.

For a more comprehensive report, combining PHOL data and other sources of respiratory virus  testing data, please refer to the Ontario Respiratory Pathogen Bulletin


Toronto Laboratory Relocation

The Toronto laboratory has relocated and is fully operational at 661 University Avenue.

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