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Impact of an on-shelf nutrition labelling system on the nutritional quality of purchases in Ontario supermarkets: A natural experiment.Health promotionPHO Grand Rounds2017-05-16Oui
Slowing the Tsunami of Antimicrobial Resistance: Antimicrobial Stewardship in OntarioCommunicable and infectious diseasesPHO Grand Rounds2017-05-09Non
Selling your research to health systems and public health stakeholders - and evaluating its impactResearch and collaborationPHO Rounds: Visiting Speaker2017-05-01Oui
National Immunization Awareness Week: Celebrating the success of Ontario’s rotavirus immunization programCommunicable and infectious diseasesPHO Grand Rounds2017-04-25Non
A locally driven collaborative project: Analyzing surveillance data from an infant feeding pilot studyFamily healthPHO Rounds: Epidemiology2017-04-20Oui
Climate change adaptation: Is there a role for Public Health?Environmental and occupational healthPHO Grand Rounds2017-04-18Oui
Emerging Arboviruses: Diagnostic Challenges and Virological SurprisesLaboratory testing and sciencesPHO Rounds: Microbiology2017-04-06Oui
Continuing Professional Development: Adding frameworks for enhancing life-long learningResearch and collaborationPHO Grand Rounds2017-04-04Oui
Supporting resilience while preparing for disaster-related stress: Insights from the hospital sectorEmergency preparednessPHO Grand Rounds2017-03-28Oui
Environmental outbreak investigation of LegionellaEnvironmental and occupational healthPHO Grand Rounds2017-03-21Oui
Part 3 of the Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI) Series_SyphilisCommunicable and infectious diseasesPHO Rounds2017-03-20Oui
A nutrition report card on food environments for children and youthFamily healthPHO Grand Rounds2017-03-14Oui
Early Years Series: UNICEF Report Card 13: Fairness for children - inequality in child well-being within wealthy countriesFamily healthPHO Rounds2017-03-13Oui
Sealant utilization for children in the Region of PeelHealth promotionPHO Grand Rounds2017-03-07Oui
Taking action on social determinants to reduce inequities: The public health/healthcare interfaceHealth promotionPHO Grand Rounds2017-02-28Oui
Reportable Disease Trends in Ontario, 2015_A new interactive toolCommunicable and infectious diseasesPHO Grand Rounds2017-02-21Oui
Compulsion or Co-operation: The History of Ontario’s Immunization of School Pupils Act, 1977-2017Communicable and infectious diseasesPHO Grand Rounds2017-02-14Oui
Part 2 of the Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI) Series:Chlamydia and GonorrheaCommunicable and infectious diseasesPHO Rounds2017-02-13Oui
From Local Surveillance of Respiratory Viruses to the assessment of Influenza Vaccine Effectiveness in The Global Influenza Hospital Study Network (GIHSN)_Communicable and infectious diseasesPHO Rounds: Microbiology2017-02-13Oui
Is Black Health a Public Health Issue?Health promotionPHO Grand Rounds2017-02-07Oui
Evidence for action: Monitoring children’s developmental health with the Early Development Instrument (EDI)Family healthPHO Rounds2017-02-06Oui
The Diabetes Population Risk Tool (DPoRT) in public health practiceChronic diseases and injuriesPHO Grand Rounds2017-01-31Oui
Promoting Early Childhood Development through multi-sectoral intervention packages anchored in nurturing careFamily healthPHO Rounds2017-01-27Non
Alcohol Marketing: Examining the issue from a provincial public health lensHealth promotionSeminar2017-01-26Oui
STI Series: Overview of bacterial sexually transmitted infectionsCommunicable and infectious diseasesPHO Rounds2017-01-23Oui
Effective Communication of Public Health Guidance to Emergency Department Clinicians in the Setting of Emerging Incidents: A Qualitative Study and FrameworkEmergency preparednessPHO Grand Rounds2017-01-17Oui
Antimicrobial Stewardship in the Microbiology Laboratory: A “Nudge” Towards More Appropriate Antibiotic UseLaboratory testing and sciencesPHO Grand Rounds2017-01-10Oui
The role of molecular biology in infection control of Clostridium difficileLaboratory testing and sciencesPHO Grand Rounds2017-01-03Oui
Training to Enhance Disaster Recovery Efficacy Among Public Health Workers Post-Hurricane Sandy: A Mixed-Methods Impact AssessmentEmergency preparednessPHO Grand Rounds2016-12-20Oui
Beyond Healthcare vs. Public Health Ethics: Why We Need New Bioethics Thinking to Address Today’s Toughest Health ProblemsResearch and collaborationPHO Grand Rounds2016-12-13Oui
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