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Why working at PHO is important to me:

"Working in the area of HPCDIP at PHO provides tremendous opportunities to stay abreast of the top priorities in public health in Ontario, to impact decisions, and to produce solution-oriented research by generating evidence to inform interventions for chronic disease prevention. During my graduate studies and now as a scientist at PHO, my research has focused on examining the impact and implementation of interventions on the health of Canadians. I am passionate and excited about the work I’ve done and the work I’m currently doing."

Erin Hobin, Scientist
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  • What excites her about her work
  • The impact of her research
  • Why she chose PHO

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    • Assistant professor (status only), Dalla Lana School of Public health, University of Toronto
    • Assistant professor (status only), Department of Nutritional Sciences, University of Toronto
    • Adjunct assistant professor, School of Public Health and Health Systems, University of Waterloo 

    Academic degrees and accreditations 

    • Doctor of philosophy (Health Studies), School of Public Health and Health Systems, University of Waterloo
    • Master of arts (Education), Ontario Institute of Studies in Education, University of Toronto

    Areas of expertise

    • Population health intervention research
    • Experimental and quasi-experimental studies
    • Policies and interventions that relate to diet and nutrition
    • Alcohol labelling policy

    PHO research interests

    • ​​Developing and evaluating environmental and policy interventions that target primary determinants of chronic diseases, including healthy weights, healthy diet, and alcohol intake
    • Applying quasi-experimental study designs to examine environmental and policy interventions as natural experiments
    • Collaborating with policymakers and practitioners to develop research projects that are highly relevant and align with the needs of knowledge users 
    • Investigating the impact of food and nutrition policies and programs on behaviour
    • Exploring associations between characteristics of supermarkets and food purchasing behaviours
    • Examining the impact alcohol warning labels on consumers’ knowledge of alcohol-related health risks and alcohol drinking behaviours
    • Understanding differential influences of population health interventions by socio-demographic factors
    Current PHO research activities
    • Investigating the impact of a simple, standardized on-shelf nutrition labelling system on the nutritional quality of consumer food purchases in supermarkets in Canada.
    • Launching a national cohort study in Canada to monitor eating patterns and dietary risk factors among young people in Ontario and Canada.
    • Examining the impact of the Ontario Healthy Choices Act on the nutritional quality of food and beverages on restaurant menus.
    • Testing the efficacy of various formats for displaying calorie information for alcoholic beverages on restaurant menus among young adults.
    • ​Developing and evaluating the impact of an alcohol warning label on consumers’ awareness and knowledge of alcohol-related health risks, Canada’s Low-Risk Drinking Guidelines, and on consumers’ alcohol drinking behaviours.

    Top publications

    1. Hobin E, Bollinger B, Sacco J, Liebman E, Vanderlee L, Zuo,F, Rosella L, L’Abbe M, Manson H, Hammond D. Shoppers’ response to an on-shelf nutrition labelling system in supermarkets: evidence to inform policy and practice. Milbank Q; [forthcoming].

    2. Hobin E, Erickson T, Comte M, Zuo F, Pasha S, Murnaghan D, Manske S, Casey C, Griffith J McGavock J. Examining the impact of a province-wide physical education policy on secondary students’ physical activity as a natural experiment. Int J Behav Nutr Phys Act.

    3. Hobin E, Lillico H, Zuo F, Sacco J, Rosella L, Hammond D. Effect of menu labelling on parents’ demand for fast-food kids’ meals: an experimental auction. Appetite. 2016;105:582-90.

    4. Sacco J, Lillico H, Chen E, Hobin E. The influence of menu labelling on food choices among children and adolescents: a systematic review of the literature. Perspect Public Health. 2017;137(3):173-81.

    5. Hobin E, Vallance K, Zuo F, Stockwell T, Rosella L, White C, Hammond D. Put a label on it: testing alternative content and designs for enhanced health messaging on alcohol containers. Alcohol Alcohol; [forthcoming].

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