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Lead Exposures Among Recreational Shooters

There are 267 shooting ranges in Ontario. Approximately 40-50 of these are indoor ranges staffed by volunteers.

Recreational shooters and volunteer workers at these ranges and their families can be exposed to hazardous amounts of airborne lead if proper controls are not in place. Lead dust on surfaces inside a shooting range can be another exposure source as it can be easily transferred to hands, which can result in ingestion through hand-to-mouth contact.

Public Health Ontario was asked by an Ontario health unit to perform an environmental assessment including air and surface (vacuum and surface wipe) at a local range staffed by volunteers.

Results from the assessment found that:

  • four of five breathing zone samples performed on shooters exceeded Ontario’s occupational exposure limit
  • wipe and vacuum samples showed the presence of lead on eight of the nine surfaces tested

Lead Exposures Among Recreational Shooters  provides:

  • evidence-based information on potential lead exposures associated with recreational shooting in indoor volunteer operated indoor shooting ranges
  • interventions that can be taken to prevent such exposures
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