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Implement: UTI Program

After completing the Assess and Plan phases, you are ready to implement the UTI Program. Below is a listing of all the resources you need for the program. The action plan you created (in the Plan phase) will help you move through each of the steps.

The UTI Program has been designed to support practice change to reduce the number of inappropriate urine culture submissions and inappropriate treatment of asymptomatic bacteriuria for residents in LTCHs. By participating in this program, LTCHs could potentially see:

  • fewer total urine cultures being sent out for laboratory analysis;
  • reduced costs related to testing and treatment for asymptomatic bacteriuria; and
  • reduced risk that residents will experience antibiotic harms.

We have designed the UTI Program to be implemented by going through each of these three phases in order. If you have not yet completed the Assess and Plan phases, we recommend that you return to complete those steps.

If your organization is not able to take on the full program at this time, the resources below can also be used individually to support practice change as you see fit.

If you have feedback or questions about the UTI Program please contact us at



UTI Program Checklist

This checklist can be used to help your implementation team to monitor your progress and ensure that each step in the implementation guide has been addressed.


Monitor practice and give feedback to staff

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