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Infection Prevention and Control for Clinical Office Practice

These IPAC best practices will assist physicians with their clinical office-based practice. Some components have been derived from legislation and regulations, and will state in explicit terms what physicians should or should not do. Other sections are evidence-based best practices, intended to increase awareness about the day-to-day risks of infection acquisition and transmission in a physician’s clinical office and to equip physicians with practical guidance and tools to minimize such risks.

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IPAC Checklists for clinical office practice

The IPAC checklists were developed to promote consistency when conducting  IPAC inspections of out-of-hospital premises (OHP), independent health facilities (IHF) and other clinical office settings. They will assist you in IPAC assessment activities and are not mandatory. The risk categorizations in these checklists are minimum expectations and may be elevated beyond what is indicated on the checklist where necessary based on the local assessment of the Medical Officer of Health/designate.

PHO develops resources based on the best available evidence and is committed to reviewing and updating these resources in a timely manner based on feedback from their use in the field. For more information or to provide feedback on the checklists, email



IPAC checklists for dental office practice 

These checklists were developed to assist public health units and others during IPAC lapse investigations and can be used to conduct inspections, audits and reviews of IPAC programs in dental practice settings:



Resources for preventing IPAC lapses

PHO has developed resources to support the prevention and investigation of IPAC lapses in community settings. These settings include clinics, clinical office practice settings, family health teams, community health, and personal services settings.


 Additional Resources


Self-assessment checklists

Monthly inspection for clinical office safety

Safe medication practices 

Office infection prevention and control 

Reprocessing endoscopy equipment 


Investigation checklists

IPAC CORE elements for clinical office practice

Reprocessing of medical equipment/device for clinical office practice

Endoscopy for clinical office practice

IPAC Core elements in dental practice settings

Reprocessing in dental practice settings







Personal Protective Equipment (PPE):




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