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Ontario Investigation Tools (OITs) (Also known as Standardized Questionnaires)

Provincially standardized questionnaires have been developed in order to standardize information collected by public health investigators from cases of reportable disease in Ontario. The questionnaires are branded as the Ontario Investigation Tools (OITs),

Ontario Investigation Tools assist with:


  1. Identifying the source of the illness
  2. Identifying behavioural and social risk factors and exposures
  3. Case and contact management
  4. Case counselling
  5. Outbreak management
  6. Obtaining required data under the Health Protection and Promotion Act pertaining to the case 
  7. Facilitating documenting each case investigation. 



Amebiasis Investigation Tool.docxAmebiasis Investigation Tool2017-06-27
Botulism Infant Investigation Tool.docxBotulism Infant Investigation Tool2017-06-27
Botulism Investigation Tool.docxBotulism Investigation Tool2017-08-09
Campylobacter Investigation Tool.docxCampylobacter: Investigation Tool2019-02-15
Cholera Investigation Tool.docxCholera Investigation Tool2017-06-27
CPE Investigation Tool.docxCPE Investigation Tool2019-01-22
Cryptosporidiosis Investigation Tool.docxCryptosporidiosis Investigation Tool2017-06-27
Cyclosporiasis Investigation Tool.docxCyclosporiasis: Investigation Tool2018-04-13
Food Poisoning Investigation Tool.docxFood Poisoning Investigation Tool2017-06-28
Giardiasis Investigation Tool.docxGiardiasis Investigation Tool2017-06-27
Hepatitis A Investigation Tool.docxHepatitis A Investigation Tool2017-06-27
Hepatitis_C_investigation_tool.docxHepatitis C case investigation tool2018-01-30
Investigation Tool Edits.xlsxInvestigation Tool Edits2019-02-15
iPHIS_Case_Exposure_Form.docxiPHIS Case Exposure Form2017-06-21
iPHIS_Exposure_Reference_Chart.pdfiPHIS Exposure Reference Chart2017-06-21
Listeria Case Management Tool.docxListeria: Case Management Tool2017-08-22
Listeria iPHIS Mapping Tool Questionnaire.docxListeria: iPHIS Mapping Tool Questionnaire2017-08-22
Listeria PHAC Questionnaire.pdfListeria: PHAC Questionnaire2017-08-22
Lyme Disease Case Management Tool.docxLyme Disease Case Management Tool2017-06-27
Lyme_disease_Case_Management_Tool_Companion_Guide.pdfLyme Disease: Case Management Tool Companion Guide2015-05-01
Paralytic Shellfish Poisoning Investigation Tool.docxParalytic Shellfish Poisoning Investigation Tool2017-06-27
Paratyphoid Fever Investigation Tool.docxParatyphoid Fever: Investigation Tool2018-06-12
Reportable Enteric Pathogens Companion Guide.docxReportable Enteric Pathogens Companion Guide2017-06-27
Appendix_2_Source_Attribution_Salmonella_2014.pdfSalmonella Appendix 2 - Source attribution of the common Salmonella serovars2017-06-27
Salmonellosis Investigation Tool.docxSalmonellosis Investigation Tool2019-02-15
Shigellosis Investigation Tool.docxShigellosis: Investigation Tool2018-02-01
Typhoid Fever Investigation Tool.docxTyphoid Fever Investigation Tool2017-06-27
VTEC Investigation Tool.docxVTEC Investigation Tool2017-06-27
Yersiniosis Investigation Tool.docxYersiniosis Investigation Tool2017-08-09

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