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Seminar: Co-designing a social marketing solution to medicine adherence
Friday, November 29, 2013 10:30 am to 11:30 am
Venue: webinar
Health Promotion
City: Online
Format: Webinar
Individual health ecosystems are unique and change through the life course. Wellness has many complex components. Factors such as fitness, good nutrition, adherence to medication, sleep, resilience, mental wellness may improve health. Factors such as smoking, stress, excess sugar, mental illness may degrade health. Many other factors may also affect our health (social determinants of health). Once we understand the points of influence we can leverage these to improve health outcomes. But how do we characterize these accurately in order to maximize outcomes and reduce costs? In this presentation Stuart Jackson will examine how to identify and address biases, environments and other influential factors to allow each individual to realize their own journey towards health. A successful medicine adherence campaign will be explained to illustrate these concepts.

About the presenter:

A passionate and ethical leader, inspiring and delivering sustainable change in communities and organizations across the UK, Stuart Jackson founded ICE in 1999. He now leads a 50-strong team working with individuals, communities and organizations, co-creating tailored solutions that positively impact lives by helping people to understand and exercise their life choices. The main driving force and visionary behind ICE, he has established and embedded unique values that have helped so many communities and individuals to improve their lives and fulfill their potential. He inspires his multi-disciplined team with vision, drive, and a genuine personal commitment to each team member, and the business as a whole. ICE’s clients and networks span central and local government, the NHS, the Third Sector, and the Private Sector.

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