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Seminar: Overcoming Obesity Misperceptions: A Colorado Campaign for Change
Thursday, November 14, 2013 01:00 pm to 02:00 pm
Health Promotion
City: Online
Format: Webinar
In this presentation, Sara O’Keefe will highlight key research insights and the creative execution of an award-winning “Obesity Awakening” campaign. She will explain how behavioral sciences met with contemporary design to create an impact around an issue cluttered with news, opinions, data and failed attempts to reverse a serious heath epidemic. This story includes an unparalleled collaboration of researchers, social marketers and creative design professionals who uncovered a breakthrough understanding in behavior and attitudes surrounding obesity that can influence behavior change. Further, the presentation including information about how the campaign:
  • Challenged perceptions – widespread lack of awareness and misperceptions about obesity;
  • Put forward a strategy without fear, shame or judgment that generated curiosity, hope, knowledge exchange and skill acquisition; and 
  • Activated healthy behaviors – significant changes in levels of confidence, empowerment, habit formation and cyclical dedication.

About the presenter:

Sara O’Keefe has over 12 years of experience in strategic social-issue & behavior change marketing, communications, & community & stakeholder relations. She is now leading the Launch Advertising team in the design and development of a multi-year campaign for LiveWell Colorado to empower Coloradans to take control of their health habits, in addition to serving as a strategic consultant to other nonprofit and government organizations. From her work on budget-strapped public sector projects, she has learned how to maximize funding and build relationships that blossom into social capital – the most powerful currency in fueling the greater good.

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