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We are currently experiencing intermittent issues impacting registration and login including access to online learning. We apologize for any inconvenience.
Technical FAQs
I need technical support. Who should I contact?

Please speak with your facility’s technical support personnel.

What are the computer system requirements for the course?

To access the course your computer must have the following:

  • An Internet connection
  • Internet browser: It is recommended that you use Internet Explorer (version 8, 9 or 10). 
    At this time we do not support other browsers, such as Chrome, Firefox and Safari.
  • Latest Flash Player (Download the free Adobe Flash Player.)
  • Latest Adobe Reader (Download the free Adobe Reader.)
  • A Sound card
  • Speakers and /or headphones
  • A printer (to print the certificate).
What is the best screen resolution for viewing the learning content?

The resolution should be at least 1024 x 768 screen resolution (1280 x 800 or higher is recommended).

Can I use a Macintosh computer to access the learning?


How do I log in to the course?

To log in, please register on our website. After your registration has been completed, you can login to the website to start your learning.

How do I find out my password if I’ve forgotten it?

Click the “Forgotten Password” link on login page.

I do not have a sound device for my computer, can I complete the learning?

Yes, you can. Transcripts are available within each component. Click the “Transcript” link on the top right corner of each component.

I can’t hear the narration. How can I hear the narration? 

Turn up the volume on your computer, and check if you have a sound card.

I am having trouble loading the component on my screen? How can this be fixed?

Please ensure you have installed the latest Adobe Flash Player on your computer and that popups are not blocked for our website.

I achieved 100% but am unable to print out a certificate. What can I do to print out the certificate?

Please ensure you have installed Adobe Reader on your computer and that popups are not blocked.

Why isn’t my name printed in the certificate?

The certificate will display the name you registered with our website. Please ensure you registered with your correct name.

Is there a way to print out the content on the screen or an individual slide or the whole component?

No. You are only able to print out a summary from each component. Resources for Trainers will include a Word document and PowerPoint presentation that you can print, these will be available in the next few months.

I stepped away from my computer for a few hours and am receiving a “session timeout”
message on the screen. What does this mean?

You will receive a session timeout message after 2 hours of inactivity on your computer. You must login again to continue your online learning.

I closed the browser window by accident while I was viewing the course component.
How do I access the course again?

You will be automatically logged out once the browser window is closed. You must login again to continue your online learning.

Where are the login and logout buttons?

The Login button is green and appears at the top-right corner of the website. The login button changes to the logout button after you login.​

I successfully completed a component, but I am unable to print the certificate of completion.
How do I get my certificate?

Please follow the steps below to print the certificate of completion.

  1. After completing the component, close the component and return to the IPAC Core Competencies Course page.
  2. The certificate icon should be enabled (clickable). You should also see a checkmark next to the component name.
  3. If the certificate icon is not enabled, refresh the course page.
  4. Click the certificate icon to print the certificate of completion.

If the certificate icon is still not enabled after step 3, it may be because the scored test results did not get submitted properly. Please return to the component and resubmit the scored test.

My scored test result did not get submitted properly (component status is still in progress).
How do I resubmit my result?

Please follow the steps below to resubmit the scored test result.

  1. Return to the component.
  2. If the component resumed on the Scored Test Result slide, go to Step 5.
  3. If the component does not resume on the Scored Test Results slide, use the Menu to navigate to the Scored Test slide.
  4. Go through the scored test questions and verify you have answered correctly to all five questions.
  5. Click Finish button to submit your score again.
    Note: This process may take longer depending on your Internet connection or computer settings. We recommend that you wait extra few seconds before closing the component.
  6. Close the component and return to the IPAC Core Competencies Course to print certificate. You may need to refresh the page if the certificate icon is not enabled.
I was able to print a certificate before, but I am no longer able to print the certificate.
Why can’t I print the certificate?

If you restart a component after successfully completing it, you must pass the scored test again (obtain 100%) before printing the certificate.

I am having difficulty completing a component because my browser kept freezing when I am viewing
the component.
  1. Try deleting the browser cache (learn how). 
  2. Close all open browser windows. 
  3. Restart your browser and return to the IPAC Core Competencies Course page.
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