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Reprocessing in the Community Course
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Reprocessing in the Community: Description

Introduction to Reprocessing
Introduction to Reprocessing

Introduction to Reprocessing focuses on:

  • best practices for reprocessing reusable medical equipment/devices
  • key factors affecting reprocessing, steps for reprocessing and important definitions
  • controls to reduce the risks related to inadequate reprocessing 
Personal Protective Equipment for Reprocessing
Personal Protective Equipment for Reprocessing

Personal Protective Equipment for Reprocessing:

  • identifies potential hazards associated with reprocessing activities
  • describes the appropriate use of personal protective equipment (PPE) based on risk assessment
  • demonstrates best practices when putting on and taking off PPE
Pre-cleaning, Cleaning and Post-cleaning
Pre-cleaning, Cleaning and Post-cleaning

The Pre-cleaning, Cleaning and Post-cleaning:

  • describes the purpose and importance of cleaning and the steps for pre-cleaning, cleaning and post-cleaning
  • identifies actions to reduce the risk of exposure and

Disinfection highlights:

  • low-level disinfection (LLD) and high-level disinfection (HLD)
  • selection of the appropriate level of disinfection
  • steps and monitoring of HLD
Packaging for Sterilization
Packaging for Sterilization

Packaging for Sterilization describes best practices related to:

  • the purpose of packaging and selection of appropriate packaging products
  • packaging medical equipment/devices using proper technique   
Loading a Sterilizer
Loading a Sterilizer

Loading a Sterilizer:

  • explains the purpose of proper loading
  • demonstrates the appropriate placement and positioning of items in a table-top steam sterilizer
Steam Sterilization
Steam Sterilization

Steam Sterilization emphasizes best practices related to:

  • the purpose of sterilization
  • monitoring of the sterilization process and how to respond to failed indicator results
Unloading a Sterilizer
Unloading a Sterilizer

Unloading a Sterilizer shows:

  • proper and safe unloading of a table-top steam sterilizer
Transportation and Storage
Transportation and Storage

The Transportation and Storage demonstrates best practices for:

  • the transport of contaminated reusable medical equipment/devices
  • the transport and storage of sterile medical equipment/devices

General Information

Module duration: Between 15 - 25 minutes

Stop and resume: You can stop and resume your learning anytime. The course will record your progress automatically and you will be able to restart the module you were last reviewing.

Certificate of completion: Each module includes a short test. You must score 100% in the  test  at the end of each module to receive a certificate of completion. Once you have successfully completed a module, click the certificate icon to print your certificate.

FAQs: Course FAQs provide additional information on the course module. Please check our Technical FAQs if you are logged in and unable to view the modules listed above.


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