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Public health emergency preparedness course

This series of three interactive modules introduces the foundations of public health emergency preparedness. Definitions, concepts, strategies and more are covered in this self-directed course. A certificate of completion is available after completion of all three modules.

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Module descriptions

Module A: Concepts and tools in public health emergency management

Explores the role of public health in emergency management, and introduces concepts of emergency preparedness planning.

Module B: The role of public health in emergency management

Explores the roles and interactions of public health professionals and emergency responders in the context of the Emergency Management Cycle.

Module C: The Incident Management System (IMS)

Explores concepts of the Incident Management System and how it is applied in a public health context to guide the planning and coordination of an emergency response.​

General Information


This course is intended for public health professionals and other emergency management professionals. It also provides the foundation for Public Health Ontario’s (PHO) emergency preparedness workshops.

Expected outcomes

Upon completion of the Public Health Emergency Preparedness Course, you will be able to:

  • describe the role of public health in emergency management
  • explain emergency preparedness concepts in the context of an incident management system
  • demonstrate relevant emergency preparedness tools for public health professionals
  • apply these concepts and tools while conducting public health investigations and interventions.
Duration and technical requirements

Module lengths vary depending on your pace, but average completion time ranges from 15 to 25 minutes. The modules include audio so speakers or headphones are required.

Stop and resume

You can stop and resume your learning anytime. The course will record your progress automatically and you will be able to restart the component you were last reviewing. You may complete each of the modules at your convenience. 

Download Course

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For more information about this module or about public health emergency preparedness, please contact Richard Bochenek at  
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