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PHO Grand Rounds: Managing patients with adverse events following immunization in the Special Immunization Clinic NetworkCommunicable and infectious diseasesPHO Grand Rounds2019-02-05Yes
PHO Grand Rounds: Antimicrobial Stewardship in Long-Term Care: From Evidence to PracticeCommunicable and infectious diseasesPHO Grand Rounds2019-01-29No
PHO Grand Rounds: Transforming the Experience of Aging through Direct Research Connections to Public Health OutcomesHealth promotionPHO Grand Rounds2019-01-22Yes
Seminar: Creating capacity building interventions that work: what the literature tells usHealth promotionSeminar2019-01-17Yes
PHO Microbiology Rounds: Using a Bioreactor to Understand Human Gut Microbiome DynamicsLaboratory testing and sciencesPHO Rounds: Microbiology2019-01-16Yes
PHO Grand Rounds: Public health responses to recent hepatitis A outbreaks: Spotlight on San Diego County, California and Middlesex-London, OntarioCommunicable and infectious diseasesPHO Grand Rounds2019-01-15Yes
PHO Grand Rounds: Active & Safe Central: An Online Resource for Sport and Recreational Injury PreventionHealth promotionPHO Grand Rounds2018-12-18Yes
PHO Grand Rounds: Environmental Suitability and Predicted Distribution of Aedes Albopictus and Aedes Aegypti Mosquitoes in Canada and the United StatesCommunicable and infectious diseasesPHO Grand Rounds2018-12-11Yes
PHO Grand Rounds: Sharing health information with community organizations to promote health equityResearch and collaborationPHO Grand Rounds2018-12-04Yes
PHO Rounds: Visiting Speaker: Prospects of whole genome sequencing of pathogens in the management and control of infectious diseasesLaboratory testing and sciencesPHO Rounds: Visiting Speaker2018-11-30Yes
CRISIS ALERT: FloodsCommunicable and infectious diseasesWorkshop2018-11-29No
IPAC Challenges in EMS: A Day In the LifeCommunicable and infectious diseasesWorkshop2018-11-29No
IPAC in Every Corner Challenges and Opportunities in Various SettingsCommunicable and infectious diseasesWorkshop2018-11-29No
IS YOUR ORGANIZATION READY?Communicable and infectious diseasesWorkshop2018-11-29No
When Fire Breaks Out- An IPAC ResponseCommunicable and infectious diseasesWorkshop2018-11-29No
IPAC Investigation at Oral Surgeon’s OfficeCommunicable and infectious diseasesWorkshop2018-11-29No
Adventures in Hemodialysis: From Drain Disaster and Redesign to a CLI spike and ResponseCommunicable and infectious diseasesWorkshop2018-11-29No
PHO Microbiology Rounds: The potential of microbiome research to impact disease diagnosis and treatmentLaboratory testing and sciencesPHO Rounds: Microbiology2018-11-28Yes
PHO Seminar: Collaboration in Health Emergency ManagementEmergency preparednessSeminar2018-11-28Yes
PHO Grand Rounds: Highlights from the 2017 Ontario Vaccine Safety ReportCommunicable and infectious diseasesPHO Grand Rounds2018-11-27Yes
PHO Grand Rounds: Release of the updated Ontario Gonorrhea Testing and Treatment GuideCommunicable and infectious diseasesPHO Grand Rounds2018-11-20Yes
PHO Rounds: Epidemiology - Describing carbon monoxide exposures in OntarioEnvironmental and occupational healthPHO Rounds: Epidemiology2018-11-15Yes
PHO Grand Rounds: Shared decision making and antibiotic use in primary careCommunicable and infectious diseasesPHO Grand Rounds2018-11-13Yes
PHO Grand Rounds: Effective interventions to prevent cavities in preschool childrenHealth promotionPHO Grand Rounds2018-11-06Yes
PHO Seminar: Group Pre and Postnatal Care: The Centering Model: Theory, Practice and Implementation PerspectivesHealth promotionSeminar2018-10-24Yes
PHO Grand Rounds:The expanding range of mosquito and tick vectors: Importance of robust vector surveillance in OntarioCommunicable and infectious diseasesPHO Grand Rounds2018-10-23Yes
PHO Rounds: Epidemiology - Monitoring health inequities in Ontario: Ontario Marginalization Index updates and productsHealth promotionPHO Rounds: Epidemiology2018-10-17Yes
PHO Grand Rounds: Carbapenemase-producing Enterobacteriaceae (CPE) – Bacteria Without BordersCommunicable and infectious diseasesPHO Grand Rounds2018-10-16Yes
PHO Rounds: What’s New in Flu? 2018/19 seasonCommunicable and infectious diseasesPHO Rounds2018-10-11Yes
PHO Grand Rounds: Tackling Foodborne Illness Outbreaks: From deli meats to chocolate milkCommunicable and infectious diseasesPHO Grand Rounds2018-10-09Yes
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