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Public Health Research, Education and Development (PHRED) archive

phred.pngThe Public Health Research, Education and Development (PHRED) program, and its predecessor, the Teaching Health Unit (THU) program, played important roles in advancing knowledge and its application across the public health community. Following on the work of the THUs, PHRED offered a systematic and rigorous way to look at the public health system and affect change within it. As a coordinating body that collected information and analyzed its effectiveness, PHRED was the foundation for evidence-informed decision-making in public health. 

The THU program began supporting public health practitioners in training and practice in 1983. Six public health programs were designated as teaching health units, including Hamilton Public Health (1983); Kingston, Frontenac and Lennox & Addington Health Unit (1990); Middlesex-London Health Unit (1990); Ottawa Public Health (1983); Sudbury & District Health Unit (1989); and Toronto Public Health (1991). East York (1989) and North York (1990) subsequently amalgamated with Toronto. In 1996, the program was renamed the Public Health Research, Education & Development Program (PHRED) to more clearly reflect its dual mandate of applied public health research and postsecondary student education. By 2001, five sites remained: Hamilton, Kingston, Middlesex-London, Ottawa and Sudbury.

By 2006, the Capacity Review Committee and the Agency Implementation Task Force reports included recommendations that PHRED should transition to the newly formed Ontario Agency for Health Protection and Promotion (OAHPP). In 2007, the Knowledge to Action (K2A) report proposed a regional model to build a sustainable system for workforce development, applied research and knowledge exchange.

In December 2009, the Government of Ontario approved the transfer of the provincial funding of the PHRED program functions to OAHPP. In 2010, OAHPP consulted extensively with partners in order to inform the renewal and redesign of the PHRED program into a new model. The Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care, Ministry of Health Promotion, OAHPP and other partners worked together, building on existing capacity and skills, to create a leading edge best practices infrastructure to actively engage local and regional practitioners and managers in the delivery and ongoing development of public health.

In January 2011, the provincial share of funding for the former PHRED program was transferred to Public Health Ontario. One element of PHO’s mandate to preserve the PHRED program’s legacy is to preserve and make publicly available all PHRED documents and publications. These documents can be searched and accessed on this page, using the search functions below.

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2002-03-112001 Program Deliverables Report.pdf2001 provincial PHRED deliverablesAnnual reportsEnglish
2003-02-282002 Program Deliverables Report.pdf2002 provincial PHRED deliverables Annual reportsEnglish
2003-02-282003 Workplan.pdf2003 proposed work plan Work plansEnglish
2004-02-272003 Program Deliverables Report.pdf2003 provincial PHRED deliverables Annual reportsEnglish
2004-01-012004 Program Deliverables Report.pdf2004 deliverables reports Annual reportsEnglish
2004-02-272004 Workplan.pdf2004 proposed work plan Work plansEnglish
2006-01-012005 Program Deliverables Report.pdf2005 deliverables report Annual reportsEnglish
2005-01-012005 Workplan.pdf2005 provincial work plan Work plansEnglish
2006-01-012006 Annual Report.pdf2006 annual report: Reporting on selected activities for Ontario public health Annual reportsBilingual
2006-01-012006 Program Deliverables Report.pdf2006 deliverables report Annual reportsEnglish
2006-01-012006 Workplan.pdf2006 provincial work plan Work plansEnglish
2008-01-012007 Program Deliverables Report.pdf2007 deliverables report Annual reportsEnglish
2007-05-182007 Workplan.pdf2007 provincial work plan Work plansEnglish
2008-01-012008 Annual Report.pdf2008 annual report: Then, now, tomorrow: Reporting on selected activities of Ontario public health Annual reportsBilingual
2009-07-012008 Program Deliverables Report.pdf2008 deliverables report Annual reportsEnglish
2008-01-012008 Workplan.pdf2008 provincial work plan Work plansEnglish
2010-01-012009 Program Deliverables Report.pdf2009 deliverables report Annual reportsEnglish
2009-01-012009 Workplan.pdf2009 provincial work plan Work plansEnglish
2011-01-012010 Program Deliverables Report.pdf2010 deliverables report Annual reportsEnglish
2010-01-012010 Workplan.pdf2010 provincial work plan Work plansEnglish
1998-08-01Blueprint public health practice.pdfA benchmarking tool kit: A blueprint for public health practiceToolkitsEnglish
2004-12-01Fall prevention Eng.pdfA meta-analysis of fall prevention programs for the elderly: How effective are they? Summary reportsEnglish
2001-12-01Fear appeals Eng.pdfA meta-analysis of fear appeals: Implications for effective public health campaigns Summary reportsEnglish
2007-03-01Survey of research ethics.pdfA survey of research ethics practices in Ontario public health units SurveysEnglish
1999-03-01Effectiveness of adolescent pregnancy primary prevention programs.pdfA systematic review of the effectiveness of adolescent pregnancy primary prevention programsLiterature reviewsEnglish
1999-03-01Systematic Review of Effectiveness of Peer Paraprofessional Interventions.pdfA systematic review of the effectiveness of peer/paraprofessional 1:1 interventions targetted towards mothers (parents) of 0-6 year old children in promoting positive maternal (parental) and/or child health/development outcomes Literature reviewsEnglish
1999-03-01Effectiveness of primary prevention programs to prevent sexually transmitted diseases.pdfA systematic review of the effectiveness of primary prevention programs to prevent sexually transmitted diseases in adolescents Literatures searchesEnglish
2003-12-01Access to parenting resources Northern Ontario.pdfAccess to parenting resources in northern Ontario: A report from the Northern Ontario Perinatal and Child Health Survey Consortium ReportsEnglish
2009-08-31Adapting performance appraisal for public health nurses.pdfAdapting the performance appraisal system for public health nurses to reflect expertise in applying the Canadian community health nursing standards and the public health core competenciesReportsEnglish
2006-08-01RRFSS Evaluation Report (Aug 2006).pdfAn evaluation of the Rapid Risk Factor Surveillance System (RRFSS): A system to collect public health surveillance data in Ontario Evaluation reportsEnglish
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