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Introduction to the Online Business Case Creator (OBCC)

The OBCC is an online, interactive tool designed to help public health practitioners make a compelling case for why to proceed (or not proceed) with a particular project. The OBCC applies a three-step model to help practitioners develop their business case. Users first Assess the strengths and limitations of a project to identify potential risks and benefits; they then Analyze how the risks can be minimized and the benefits maximized; finally users summarize their 'case' to help them Advise various stakeholders and audiences.

The OBCC was designed in a flexible way so that it could be used for business cases for many different kinds of projects. A 'project' refers to any activity or bundle of activities designed to achieve a particular goal. Thus it may be used for a health program, intervention or strategy. It might also be used to develop a business case for more internal or operational activities such as fundraising efforts or procedural changes.

The OBCC is designed to work with the original Online Health Program Planner (OHPP) worksheets and the newly added collection of Project Management Tools that allow the user to document the project plan for which they want to develop a business case.