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Program Planning Steps Online Business Case Creator Project Management Tools
Logic Model
Step 1: Manage the planning process
1.1 Understand the context
1.2 Identify stakeholder roles and expectations
1.3 Assess resources for planning
1.4 Develop a workplan for the planning process
Step 2: Conduct a situational assessment
2.1 Develop a data gathering plan
2.2 Summarize the situation
2.3 Analyze influences on the situation
2.4 List possible actions
2.5 Consider how to proceed
Step 3: Set goals, audiences, and outcome objectives
3.1 Set goals, audiences, and outcome objectives
Step 4: Choose strategies and activities and assign resources
4.1 Choose strategies and brainstorm activities
4.2 Assess and choose activities
4.3 Assign resources and outcome objectives
4.4 Develop process objectives
Step 5: Develop indicators
5.1 Develop outcome indicators
5.2 Develop process indicators
Step 6: Review the plan
6.1 Review your plan
6.2 Review your plan using a population health approach lens
Step 1: Assess project
Output 1.1: Project strength and limitation assessment responses
Output 1.2 Strength and limitation scorecard for the six project elements
Output 1.3 Project impact preview (based only on strength and limitation assessment)
Step 2 A: Analyze risks &
Step 2 B: Analyze benefits
Output 2.1 Full text risk analysis table
Output 2.2 Priority risk action areas diagram
Output 2.3 Full text benefit analysis table
Output 2.4 Priority benefit action areas diagram
Output 2.5 Priority strength and limitation action areas scorecard
Output 2.6 Project impact summary based on strengths, limitations and strategies
Output 2.7 Complete list of strategies to minimize risks and maximize benefits
Output 2.8 Summary of overall project impacts, benefits, and risks
Step 3: Advise
Output 3.1 Summary of business case organized by element, organized by impact area, and element and impact area ratings at a glance
Context, description, scope and assumption
Implementation roles
Resources and budget
Stakeholder roles and expectations
Work plan