PHO Talks Speaker Profile: Rhonda Pollard

12 Oct 2017

PHO Talks is a brand new series of short, compelling talks by our diverse experts. In one hour, you’ll hear three talks from our speakers. Register now for the live stream on Thursday, October 26, 2017.

Meet one of our speakers, Rhonda Pollard.

Rhonda is a Senior Advisor in leadership development and organizational development.  Most of her 17 year career has been spent leading strategic facilitation, management coaching, succession planning, change management, leadership and team development to provincial health care agencies. At Public Health Ontario, Rhonda has created a leadership framework and development strategy for PHO, facilitated staff engagement sessions during the strategic planning process and lead team development and change management sessions for various departments.

Learn more about our other two speakers, Stacie Carey and Natasha Crowcroft.

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Updated 12 Oct 2017