Dr. Natasha Crowcroft on Doing the Right Science


12 April 2017

Dr. Natasha Crowcroft appears in the newest issue of Human Vaccines & Immunotherapeutics. In this profile, Dr. Crowcroft explains doing “the right science to make the most impact”. She describes some of her formative experiences in public health, and what the future holds for immunization research in Ontario. 

Dr. Crowcroft is the Chief of Applied Immunization Research and Evaluation at PHO. She has significant experience in surveillance and immunization sciences. She has previously worked with the Pan-American Health Organization, World Health Organization, Canadian National Advisory Committee on Immunization and the UK Health Protection Agency. 

Public Health Ontario Scientist Profile: Natasha Crowcroft

Dr. Natasha Crowcroft discusses what excites her about her work, the impact of her research and why she chose Public Health Ontario.

Duration: 1 min

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Updated 12 April 2017