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"Being at PHO allows me to be at the interface of world-leading research that is directly used in public health policy and practice. Seeing the results of my research in action is the ultimate motivation; more importantly, I get a better appreciation of what the research needs are from the people that are using it so I can design my work accordingly."

Areas of Expertise

  • epidemiological methods
  • applied biostatistics
  • population-based risk tools to support public health planning
  • diabetes and obesity
  • public health policy
  • premature mortality
  • socioeconomic gradients in health

Academic Degrees and Accreditations

  • Doctor of Philosophy (Epidemiology), Dalla Lana School of Public Health, University of Toronto
  • Master of Health Sciences (Epidemiology and Community Health), Dalla Lana School of Public Health, University of Toronto

PHO Research Interests

  • Support and evaluate public health activities across various content areas, including chronic and infectious disease.
  • Studying the social and health determinants of premature mortality. 
  • Studying population-based approaches to reducing diabetes and obesity.
  • Inform population intervention strategies using Population Risk Tools (PoRTs).  
  • Provide ongoing methodological and analytical support to PHO scientists for Institute for Clinical Evaluative Sciences’ (ICES) related projects.

PHO Research Activities

  • Population health analytics in action: Improving impact, sustainability & equity of the health care system.
  • Quantifying future risk and burden of type 2 diabetes in Canada.
  • Investigating biomarkers for type 2 diabetes and pre-diabetes.
  • Investigating the characteristics and upstream determinants of high-cost users of Ontario’s health care system. 
  • Examining partnerships to guide the adaption, implementation, and evaluation of DPoRT within local (e.g., public health units), provincial (e.g., Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care), and Canadian context. 
  • The ORAD (Oral Health and Diabetes) Study.
  • Neighbourhood walkability and chronic disease risk in Canada.
  • Hepatitis B in migrants and the general population in Ontario in 2010-12.

Selected Publications

  1. Khan AM, Urquia M, Kornas K, Henry D, Cheng SY, Bornbaum C, Rosella LC. Socioeconomic gradients in all-cause, premature and avoidable mortality using among immigrants and long-term residents using linked deaths records in Ontario, Canada. J Epidemiol Community Health. 2017;71:625-32.
  2. Rosella LC, Calzavara A, Frank J, Fitzpatrick T, Donnelly P. Henry D. Narrowing mortality gap between men and women over two decades: a registry-based study in Ontario, Canada. BMJ Open. 2016;6(11):e012564.
  3. Rosella LC, Bowman C, Pach B, Morgan S, Fitzpatrick T, Goel V. The development and validation of a meta-tool for quality appraisal of public health evidence: Meta Quality Appraisal Tool (MetaQAT). Public Health. 2016;136:57-65.
  4. Rosella LC, Lebenbaum M, Fitzpatrick T, O’Riley D, Wang J, Booth GL, Stukel TA, Wodchis W. Impact of diabetes on healthcare costs in a population-based cohort: A cost analysis. Diabet Med. 2016;33(3):395-403.
  5. Rosella LC, Lebenbaum M, Fitzpatrick T, Zuk A, Booth GL. The prevalence of prediabetes and undiagnosed diabetes in Canada (2007-2011): according to fasting plasma glucose and HbA1c screening criteria. Diabetes Care. 2015;38(7):1299-305.

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Public Health Ontario Scientist Profile: Laura Rosella

Dr. Laura Rosella discusses what excites her about her work, the impact of her research and why she chose Public Health Ontario.

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Updated 22 Oct 2019