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OEH Seminar: Where are heart healthy neighbourhoods?

Numerous researchers, NGOs and governmental organizations have suggested that improvements in the built environment might help improve physical activity and ultimately population health. The areas that are often identified as being “walkable” are usually located in urban settings that can have higher levels of air pollution, which is itself associated with a variety of negative health consequences. Much of the work done to date has treated these factors in isolation, but are there possible antagonistic interactions between these two factors?

This talk will briefly overview the connection between the built environment and cardiovascular disease. We will then discuss prior work examining relationships between the built environment and other environmental predictors of cardiovascular health, before focusing on a recent study exploring interactions between neighbourhood walkability and traffic-related air pollution on diabetes and hypertension. We will conclude with a discussion of future opportunities for exploring what “heart healthy” neighborhoods might look like. 


Presenter(s): Dr. Nicholas Araki Howell

Dr. Nicholas Araki Howell is a MD/PhD student at the University of Toronto. He previously completed his PhD at the Institute of Health Policy, Management, and Evaluation under the supervision of Dr. Gillian Booth, and held a CIHR Vanier CGS supporting his work on the built environment and cardiovascular disease risk. His current research focuses on experimental and observational studies of air pollution and cardiovascular risk factors, and identifying opportunities for natural and quasi-experimental studies of the built environment and health. 


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Published 2 Oct 2019