Adenovirus – Enteric

Specimen Collection and Handling

Specimen Requirements

Test Requested Required Requisition(s) Specimen Type Minimum Volume Collection Kit

Virus culture and/or electron microscopy

Stool sample

1.0-2.0 grams

Virus - Enteric Kit order#: 390087

Submission and Collection Notes


Complete the following fields of the General Test Requisition Form if diagnostic testing is requested

  • symptoms
  • onset date

Refer to the Virus-Enteric Kit Instruction Sheet for detailed specimen collection instructions.

Preparation Prior to Transport

Label the specimen container with the patient’s full name, date of collection and one other unique identifier such as the patient’s date of birth or Health Card Number. Failure to provide this information may result in rejection or testing delay.

Special Instructions

Place specimen in biohazard bag and seal. Specimens should be stored at 2-8° C following collection and shipped to PHO laboratory on ice packs as soon as possible.

Requisitions and Kit Ordering

Test Frequency and Turnaround Time (TAT)

The adenovirus testing by electron microscopy (EM) is performed daily Monday to Friday. 

Turnaround time for EM is up to 3 days from receipt by PHO laboratory.

Samples tested by virus culture are observed for a minimum of 10 days prior to reporting a negative culture result; samples that are positive can be observed at any point during this period.

Turnaround time for virus culture is up to 12 days from receipt by PHO laboratory.

TAT will vary during the winter months.

Test Methods

Adenovirus specimens are tested by electron microscopy and traditional virus culture. (Most viruses responsible for gastroenteritis in the winter do not grow in cell culture. Therefore, virus culture is only performed from April 15th to December 14th). Electron microscopy is done year round.

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