Infectious Diseases Query

Infectious Diseases (ID) Query provides aggregated infectious disease data that summarize counts of reportable disease cases from the last ten years and current year.

ID Query may contain confidential and sensitive information, and is restricted to public health professionals. No personal health information is included.

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Request Access to ID Query Tool

  1. Ensure you are a public health professional who takes part in public health decision-making and has the relevant skills and knowledge to interpret this data.
  2. You must be registered on our website with MyPHO to request access.
  3. Once registered, e-mail using the subject line “Registered User – Request ID Query Access – (Your PHU or organization's name).”
  4. If approved, a confirmation will be sent to your account email.

Please note: this app is optimized for desktop and tablet only.

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Browser Requirements

For the best experience please access ID Query using the following:

  • Windows based PC (unsupported using Mac).
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, or Safari may be compatible with Query but are not supported. Using Chrome will prevent data downloads.

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Updated 21 June 2024