COVID-19 Research and Preprints

Public Health Ontario is committed to advancing COVID-19 evidence and knowledge at the local, national and international levels. Our team of scientists have partnered with leading research institutes, organizations and researchers to study COVID-19 and produce scientific publications to support the pandemic response.

Traditional scientific research publications are peer-reviewed by an editorial board of subject matter experts before the article is published in scholarly journals. As the COVID-19 pandemic evolves, it is important for the scientific community to respond rapidly. Preprint articles provide current and timely information about emerging research. Preprints are publically available articles that have not yet been peer-reviewed. They can offer insight into new research that has been conducted but should not be considered guidance.

This page includes an inventory of our COVID-19 peer-reviewed and preprint articles.  

To see more articles on variety of topics published by Public Health Ontario please visit PubMed.


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Updated 3 March 2023