Ethics Review Board

Our Ethics Review Board (ERB) reviews projects conducted on behalf of Public Health Ontario and Ontario’s public health units.

The ERB is an independent board that includes members who are public health professionals and researchers from PHO and other public health, health care and academic organizations. Collectively, ERB members have expertise in a broad range of public health disciplines and methodologies, ethics, law, and community perspectives.

The ERB helps to ensure that projects are consistent with the Tri-Council Policy Statement: Ethical Conduct for Research Involving Humans, Second edition (TCPS 2), PHO’s Framework for the Ethical Conduct of Public Health Initiatives, as well as other relevant regulations, policies and guidelines. The ERB has the authority to approve, reject, propose modifications to or withdraw approval of any eligible projects submitted for review.

The ERB also participates in the development of best practices for addressing emerging ethical issues in the conduct of public health evidence-generating initiatives across the province.

List of Current Board Members  

  • Elizabeth Peter, Chair
  • Samiya Abdi, Public Health Ontario
  • Lisa Berger, Toronto Public Health
  • Kayla Burt, Public Health Ontario
  • Jeff D’Souza, Hamilton Health Sciences
  • Rob Haile, Southwestern Public Health
  • Navneet Johal, Community member - Ethics and Compliance
  • Anna Majury, Public Health Ontario
  • Juhee Makkar, University of Toronto
  • Andrea Martel, University of Toronto
  • Michael Montess, Unity Health Toronto
  • Marvelous Muchenje, Community Member
  • Jay Shaw, Women's College Hospital
  • Ashley Vanderlaan, Hamilton Public Health Services
  • Omolayo Idowu, Toronto Public Health

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Updated 9 April 2024