Ontario Investigation Tools

Consistent with O. Reg. 671/92 of the French Language Services Act, the tools on this page are only available in English because it is scientific or technical in nature and is for use only by qualified public health professionals and not by members of the public.

Provincially standardized questionnaires have been developed in order to standardize information collected by public health investigators from cases of reportable disease in Ontario. The questionnaires are branded as the Ontario Investigation Tools (OITs).

Ontario Investigation Tools assist with:

  1. identifying the source of the illness
  2. identifying behavioural and social risk factors and exposures
  3. case and contact management
  4. case counselling
  5. outbreak management
  6. obtaining required data under the Health Protection and Promotion Act pertaining to the case
  7. facilitating documenting each case investigation

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Enteric, Zoonotic and Vector-Borne Diseases


Updated 4 July 2023