Hepatitis A – Serology Test Ordering Instructions

Consistent with O. Reg. 671/92 of the French Language Services Act, test ordering and instructions on this page is only available in English because it is scientific or technical in nature and is for use only by qualified health care providers and not by members of the public.

All sections of the General Test Requisition must be completed by authorized health care providers for each specimen submitted. Testing may be delayed or cancelled if clinical information is not provided.

Refer to Hepatitis A Virus Serology Test Information Sheet for detailed testing indications, specimens, methods and reports information.

Requisition selection(s) Tests Performed Notes Requisition Demonstration
Immune Status
Hep A-1 Immune Status
Acute Infection
Clinical information pertaining to acute viral hepatitis must be provided. If not, only HAV IgG will be performed.

Hep A-2a Acute Infection


Hep A-2b Acute Infection
Acute infection and Immune Status

Indicate clinical information pertaining to a recent HAV exposure, outbreak investigation, contact with known case etc. under ‘Relevant Exposure(s)’

Clinical information and/or exposure information (if asymptomatic) must be provided. If no clinical or exposure information is provided, only HAV IgG will be performed.

Hep A-3a Acute Infection and Immune Status


Hep A-3b Acute Infection and Immune Status

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Updated 5 Oct 2023