Archive of COVID-19 Daily Epidemiological Summary

This page provides previously published versions of PHO’s COVID-19 Daily Epidemiological Summary, which include information on COVID-19 activity in Ontario such as case characteristics, disease severity, geography and outbreaks for a specific point in time.

This archived content is being made available for historical research and reference purposes only. PHO is no longer updating this content and it may not reflect current data or information. These reports only contain information that was available at the time of publishing.

For current COVID-19 data and surveillance information, please refer to our COVID-19 Data and Surveillance page.

To explore COVID-19 data and trends over the entire COVID-19 pandemic (i.e. February 2020 onward), please visit our interactive COVID 19 Data Tool.

The documents on this page are organized by downloadable zip files which include all daily reports in English and French from the specified month.


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Updated 17 Jan 2023