Corporate Services and Enabling Services

Corporate Services


Finance provides a range of services that includes controllership and payroll functions, financial reporting to a variety of stakeholders, financial forecasting, planning and business unit support, funding, liaison with government and compliance monitoring.


Procurement provides support and guidance to internal clients in all aspects of purchasing goods and services, and monitors compliance with corporate procurement policies and related government directives.


Facilities strives to provide healthy, safe and secure work places for all PHO staff. It focuses on creating and maintaining workspaces that enable employees to work productively. This includes ensuring that the workspace is built to meet functional requirements in an environmentally respectful manner. This department manages lease administration and liaison with landlords regarding building maintenance and security services and manages building renovation and capital projects on behalf of PHO.

Human Resources and Payroll

Human Resources and Payroll (HR) is committed to supporting PHO staff so they are engaged and able to deliver on the vision, mission and mandate of the organization. HR serves internal clients with employee and labour relations advice, development of HR policies and guidelines, leadership and organizational development capabilities, and recruitment and retention programs.

Legal and Privacy

Legal and Privacy provides legal counsel, advice and services on legal and privacy related issues to all PHO program areas. They ensure that PHO's business objectives are aligned within the applicable regulatory and legislative framework. They also provide support to the Board of Directors and management and assist in ensuring effective corporate governance through coordination of the policy development process and identification of needs for new and revised corporate policies.

Enabling Services

Strategy and Stakeholder Relations

Strategy and Stakeholder Relations provides leadership and coordination for PHO’s strategic, annual business and operational planning, organizational performance measurement and process improvement. Strategy and Stakeholder Relations also provides leadership and support for organization-wide strategy to strengthen PHO’s relationships with clients, partners and stakeholders, including the media.

Research, Knowledge and Information

Research and Ethics

Research and Ethics offers ethics review and support services to meet the evolving and diverse needs of PHO and Ontario’s public health units. Visit the Research page to learn more.

Information Management and Information Technology

Information Management and Information Technology provides a range of technology services to support and enable PHO’s work and ability to deliver on its mandate.

Knowledge Services

Knowledge Services provides a range of specialized services to advance public health knowledge and practice, and leads the development and delivery of professional development, knowledge generation, exchange and dissemination supports and resources, and data and information. Visit the Knowledge Services page to learn more.

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Updated 6 Aug 2020