Ontario Marginalization Index (ON-Marg)

ON-Marg is a data tool that combines a wide range of demographic indicators into four distinct dimensions of marginalization. As a multifaceted index, ON-Marg measures multiple axes of deprivation in Ontario, including economic, ethno-racial, age-based and social marginalization.

It can be used for:

  • research
  • population health assessments
  • resource allocations and program planning
  • assessing health inequities

The 2016 ON-Marg

The 2016 version of ON-Marg was created in collaboration with the Centre for Urban Health Solutions at St. Michael’s Hospital, using data retrieved from the 2016 Canadian census. ON-Marg data is now available for 2001, 2006, 2011 (with Technical Notes) and 2016 – making it possible to track changes in marginalization and health equity over time.

Data is available at the small area level, as well as larger geographies such as public health units and Local Health Integration Networks (LHINs).

About our Partners

The Centre for Urban Health Solutions is an inter-disciplinary research centre within St. Michael’s Hospital in Toronto. The Centre seeks to improve health in cities, especially for those experiencing marginalization and to reduce barriers to accessing factors essential to health, such as appropriate health care and quality housing.

MAP Centre for Urban Health Solutions is a world-leading research centre dedicated to creating a healthier future for all. Through big-picture research and street-level solutions, MAP scientists tackle complex community health issues — many at the intersection of health and inequity.

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Updated 12 March 2022