President’s Message - June 2017

President's Message

15 June 2017

Earlier this month we reached an important milestone. June 4, 2017 marked the ten year anniversary of the passage of the Ontario Agency of Health Protection and Promotion Act. In turn, the Act led to the establishment of Public Health Ontario (PHO) in 2008.

I took a moment to reflect on how Ontario’s health and public health systems has continued to grow stronger since the passage of the Act, thanks to the collective efforts of all of our partners. I look forward to what we will accomplish together in the next ten years as we continue to work to keep Ontario healthy and safe.

This month, I also wanted to highlight PHO’s client satisfaction survey, which is conducted every two years, as part of our ongoing commitment to measure and enhance our performance and hear from you – our clients and partners. 

The survey assessed the level of general client satisfaction, awareness and understanding of PHO and our products and services. An independent market research firm conducted the survey and analyzed the findings on our behalf. I am pleased to share with you highlights of our 2016 survey results.

The survey was sent to clients who used PHO products and services in the last two years and subscribers who registered to receive communications from PHO. A total of 1,391 respondents completed the survey.

I’m delighted to report that overall, our ratings remain high, but of course we are committed to continuous improvement. In the survey, our clients and partners told us that they:

  • Have a high overall satisfaction with PHO products and services;
  • Would recommend PHO’s products and services to colleagues;
  • Consider PHO’s work relevant to protecting and promoting the health of Ontarians; and
  • See the agency as a credible source of scientific and technical information and advice.

I invite you to read the highlights of our survey results here.

Your feedback is extremely valuable to us. Thank you to everybody who took the time to complete the survey. We are using the results to inform improvements to PHO’s products and services.

Wishing you and your families a happy and healthy summer.

Dr. Peter D. Donnelly, M.D.
President and CEO
Public Health Ontario

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Updated 15 June 2017