PHO Talks – “The Future of Environmental Stewardship”


22 May 2019

In 2017, Public Health Ontario (PHO) launched PHO Talks, a new speaker series featuring some of the brightest minds at PHO. Speakers shared ideas that aimed to drive innovation in public health. Building on that success, PHO has filmed several new videos covering a wide range of topics.

In her PHO Talk, “The Future of Environmental Stewardship,” Dr. Elaina MacIntyre, epidemiologist specialist from our Environmental and Occupational Health department, encourages others to consider the interconnectedness of our ecosystems and how they support each other, making it possible for us to thrive. Empirical evidence shows our health is linked to the health of our ecosystems. This evidence, along with the environmental challenges that our world is currently facing, has renewed interest in environmental stewardship and in restoring balance between us and our natural world.

Elaina draws on her personal stories, expertise and passion to inspire others to incorporate environmental stewardship into their day-to-day lives. Watch a recording of her talk below and stay tuned for more videos from our PHO Talks series.

PHO Talks – The Future of Environmental Stewardship

This talk highlights the importance of restoring balance between us and our natural world. It explores the evidence linking human and ecosystem health and offers viewers tips on how to incorporate environmental stewardship into their day-to-day lives. 


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Updated 22 May 2019