Strategic Plan 2024-29

Strategic Plan

28 Feb 2024

Today marks the release of Public Health Ontario’s (PHO) new Strategic Plan 2024-29. This plan was developed in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, which has had profound and long-lasting impacts on public health and the broader health system. Our new plan preserves the Mission, Vision, Mandate and Values as articulated in our last strategic plan and was shaped through comprehensive consultations with our stakeholders from local, provincial and national levels, as well as engagement with our staff.

The Strategic Plan 2024-29 outlines four strategic directions that will drive positive change for public health in Ontario as we work together collectively with our public health and health system partners to advance population health, prevent disease and address health inequities. These strategic directions, which are connected and mutually reinforcing, are the foundational pillars of our Strategic Plan:

  1. Lead provincial public health data transformation, leveraging advanced analytics to drive evidence-informed practice and decision-making
  2. Strengthen laboratory leadership, advance genomics for public health action, and sharpen the focus on complex microbiology testing
  3. Advance public health and health workforce capacity and knowledge to improve population health outcomes
  4. Accelerate moving evidence to action as the convener and integrator of expertise on public health issues and drive quality improvement for public health

As part of our new Strategic Plan, we will also develop a dedicated Indigenous Strategy for our organization that aims to enable improved health outcomes for Indigenous peoples and communities in Ontario. We will take the time needed to build trust and relationships with Indigenous partners for effective engagement.

When taken together, the four strategic directions and our Indigenous Strategy will advance PHO’s work over the next five years in supporting public health and health system readiness to respond to public health emergencies and threats, such as pandemics, while improving health outcomes and reducing inequities in health and disease.

Successful implementation of the plan hinges on the following key enablers that serve as the foundation for our achievement: supporting the growth and development of our talented people, fostering robust partnerships and alliances, and sustainable funding.

Over the next five years, we will work to deliver on the directions presented in our Strategic Plan 2024-29 and will continue to produce actionable evidence to drive public health planning, programming, and policy in the province.

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Published 28 Feb 2024