Board Committees

The Board has three standing committees:

Governance and Human Resources Standing Committee (GHRSC)

The GHRSC supports the Board in four areas: 

  • Governance: supports the Board’s commitment to and responsibility for the sound and effective governance of PHO.
  • Human Resources: supports the Board in its oversight of human resources policies and strategies.
  • Nominations: manages the process whereby potential nominees are identified for recommendation by the Board for appointment to the Board, and for the Board to appoint to committees.
  • Orientation and education: ensures that new directors receive adequate and appropriate orientation and that all directors are provided with ongoing education to assist them in fulfilling their duties effectively.

Strategic Planning Standing Committee (SPSC)  

The SPSC supports the Board by providing reviews and advice on PHO’s strategic planning, performance measurement, quality assurance and stakeholder engagement processes and by monitoring and advising on progress against goals. 

Audit Finance and Risk Standing Committee (AFRSC) 

The AFRSC supports the Board by ensuring that PHO conducts itself according to the principles of ethical financial and management behaviour and that it is efficient and effective in its use of public funds by overseeing PHO’s accounting, financial reporting, audit practices, and enterprise risk management.

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Updated 22 Oct 2019