Daily Physical Activity in Ontario

Physical inactivity is a serious health issue for Canadian children and youth. The Ontario government created the Daily Physical Activity (DPA) policy, which requires school boards to ensure that all elementary students have a minimum of 20 minutes of sustained moderate to vigorous physical activity each school day during instructional time.

PHO has conducted a series of studies that assess the DPA policy at the provincial level.

Study 1 - The Factors Influencing the Development and Implementation of DPA

This study was based on interviews with individuals from organizations that were involved in DPA’s development and release. 


Study 2 - The Roles and Experiences of Public Health Unit Staff That Support and Promote DPA

This study included an online survey and key interviews with health units across Ontario.

Study 3 - The Current Status of DPA Implementation

This study surveyed a representative sample of Ontario elementary school administrators and teachers. 



Updated 22 Oct 2019