Dr. Anna Majury

Clinical Microbiologist
Public Health Ontario Laboratory


"I am a true “One Health” practitioner and PHO has provided me with an incredible opportunity to draw upon all of my education and experiences to embrace the entire human-animal-environmental public health continuum, which is a strong focus of our organization. Moreover, PHO fosters a culture of extraordinary thinking. Innovation, teaching, education, research and exemplary clinical standards are nurtured, encouraged and strongly and positively supported by PHO. PHO is a world-class organization, with world-class leadership and I am both proud and privileged to be a part of it."

Areas of Expertise

  • one Health
  • environmental microbiology
  • pandemic influenza
  • infectious diseases epidemiology
  • zoonotic diseases 
  • food and waterborne pathogens
  • veterinary infectious diseases

Academic Degrees and Accreditations

  • Doctor of Philosophy (Microbiology and Immunology), Queen’s University
  • Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (Veterinary Medicine and Surgery), University of Guelph
  • Master of Science (Veterinary Immunology and Infectious Diseases), University of Guelph
  • Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) Clinician Scientist Fellowship, Queen’s University
  • Fellowship (Clinical Microbiology), University of Toronto

PHO Research Interests

  • water in marginalized and indigenous context 
  • zoonoses 
  • epidemiology 
  • health policy
  • food and waterborne pathogens

PHO Research Activities

  • Investigating the linkage between laboratory and epidemiologic surveillance as an early alert for influenza activity using self-testing results from callers to Telehealth.
  • Investigating the implications of both testing and consumption related to metagenomics of drinking well water in Ontario.
  • Examining drinking well water quality in Ontario via a geospatial, clinical and statistical analysis of contamination.
  • Using social hydrology and basic science to examine water related vulnerabilities across the one health paradigm.

Selected Publications

  1. Latchmore T, Schuster-Wallace CJ, Longboat DR, Dickson-Anderson SE, Majury A. Critical elements for local indigenous water security in Canada: a narrative review. J Water Health. Forthcoming 2018.
  2. Hobbs JL, Warshawsky B, Maki A, Zittermann S, Murphy A, Majury A,et al. Nuggets of wisdom: Salmonella Enteritidis outbreaks and the case for new rules on uncooked frozen processed chicken. J Food Protect. 2017;80(4):703-9.
  3. McGolrick D, Belanger P, Richardson H, Moore K, Maier A, Majury A. Evaluation of self-swabbing coupled with a telephone health helpline as an adjunct tool for surveillance of influenza viruses in Ontario. BMC Public Health. 2016;16(1):1017.
  4. Krolik J, Maier A, Thompson S, Majury AMicrobial source tracking of private well water samples across at-risk regions in southern Ontario and analysis of traditional fecal indicator bacteria assays including culture and qPCR. J Water Health. 2016;14(6):1047-58.
  5. Sanderson H, Fricker C, Brown S, Majury A, Liss SN. Antibiotic resistance genes as an emerging environmental contaminant. Environ Rev. 2016;24(2):205-18.

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Updated 22 Oct 2019