Ontario Tobacco Monitoring Report

Tobacco use remains the leading preventable cause of premature death in Ontario with 16,000 tobacco-related deaths each year. In 2018, the tobacco-related economic burden in Ontario was estimated to be almost $7.0 billion.

The Ontario Tobacco Monitoring Report 2018 serves as an environmental scan and surveillance report of tobacco use in Ontario. The report summarizes main patterns and trends in tobacco use, including e-cigarette use, and provides an overview of comprehensive tobacco control programming in Ontario for 2017-18. The report aims to inform the development of policies and programs to reduce the impact of tobacco use and nicotine addiction across the province.

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PHO Rounds: Opioid Toxicity Among Ontarians Who Worked in the Construction Industry

This session will summarize the key findings of the report and the implications for practice by first providing an overview of the report findings. This will be followed by a discussion on opportunities to tailor strategies that aim to prevent harm and better support people who use drugs in the construction industry. Participants are invited to engage in the facilitated question and answer period at the end, to discuss findings.

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Updated 27 Nov 2019