Health Communication at a Glance

This document proposes a 12-step process to assist practitioners in developing a health communication initiative. Project Management is at the core of this 12-step approach - it’s Step 1, and the key starting point. The other 11 steps are divided into three main phases: 

  • Scoping (Steps 2-5) focuses on building the body of evidence to inform every decision in the health communication cycle.
  • Development (Steps 6-9) aims to transform the insights and evidence from the scoping phase into tangible messages, products and action plans.
  • Execution (Steps 10-12) brings all the previous steps together at an operational level.

To further assist with the planning process, we have provided fillable worksheets to document and track relevant considerations, as well as sample worksheets which detail a health communication initiative carried out by Ottawa Public Health.

To access the resource:

  1. Click At a Glance and worksheets.
  2. Select Open.
  3. Click Extract All.

PHO Rounds: Nail Salon Workers Project at Parkdale Queen West Community Health Center (CHC): An example of community-driven public health

This Public Health Ontario (PHO) Rounds describes the progression of the project, illustrating how the CHC model has been leveraged to support public and occupational health through programs and academic partnerships.

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Updated 22 Oct 2019