Reportable Disease Trends in Ontario

This tool provides over 10 years of analyzed data on reportable diseases in Ontario. Data is collected by the public health units primarily from clinicians, laboratories and hospitals and then analyzed by PHO.

This tool can help with surveillance, as well as inform program planning and policy.  Search, customize and export information from interactive maps, graphs and tabs, according to your needs. You can also sort by to public health unit or local health integration network (LHIN), as well as demographics.

How to use RDTO

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Previous Summaries

Factors Affecting Reportable Diseases in Ontario, 1991-2016

Interested in changes to reportable diseases status in Ontario? This report documents major changes to reportable disease status, case definitions, as well as outbreaks and changes to laboratory testing, which impacted reportable disease trends in Ontario from 1991 to 2016.

Updated 27 Sep 2018