Public Health Ontario celebrates World Hand Hygiene Day


10 May 2016

Public Health Ontario (PHO) staff across the province celebrated World Hand Hygiene Day. Held on May 5, staff took part in a hand hygiene relay to show their support and commitment to WHO’s global hand hygiene initiative.

PHO’s offices, laboratories and regional infection control network (RICN) sites were able to see each other online. Each PHO site took turns  practicing proper hand hygiene technique before handing it off to the next site until the relay had travelled across the province.

Practicing good hand hygiene is an important part of infection prevention and control (IPAC). Improving hand hygiene compliance in health care settings can help reduce both the spread of infections and multi-resistant organisms as well as the number of health care-associated infections (HAIs).

Watch the WHO Virtual Hand Hygiene 2015 video to learn more about hand hygiene relays and how you can increase hand hygiene awareness in your setting.

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Updated 10 May 2016