PHO’s Commitment to Immunization in Canada — Canadian Immunization Conference 2016


11 Jan 2017

For 23 years, hundreds of professionals from across Canada have been coming together every other year at the largest conference on immunization in Canada — the Canadian Immunization Conference (CIC) — to discuss some of the most pressing vaccination issues. Last month marked the 12th CIC, which was held in Ottawa from December 6 to 8, 2016.

PHO was well represented at CIC by 18 staff and students who all played a role in raising the profile of PHO’s work in immunization, shared their research and evaluation findings, their expertise and perspectives, reported on the latest advances in vaccine research, and inspired the next generation of public health researchers and practitioners.

This year was PHO’s strongest presence yet at CIC; presenting and holding workshops of a broad range of immunization topics including: influenza, policy and economics, vaccine safety, surveillance and monitoring, maternal immunization, and training. In total, PHO presented 7 oral presentations, 15 poster presentations, led 2 workshop/sessions, and moderated the Vaccinology student research program. PHO was also represented at the Antenatal Immunization Research Working Group and took on an advisory role for a History of Polio exhibit.

Applied immunization research and evaluation (AIRE) continues to be a strategic priority for PHO. Participating in events like CIC reflects PHO’s strength, expertise and commitment to strengthening immunization science and delivering national and international research and evaluation opportunities to help build the best immunization system in Ontario.  

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Updated 11 Jan 2017