What You Need to Know: Emerging Multidrug Resistant Bacteria


20 Sep 2017

PHO expert, Dr. Jennie Johnstone, recently appeared in the Canadian Medical Association Journal’s podcast to talk about emerging multidrug resistant bacteria. These bacteria, including Carbapenemase producing Enterobacteriacaeae, or CPE, are resistant to most or all antibiotics. They are common in hospitals and nursing homes and are difficult to treat, making them extremely deadly.

Tune in below to hear Dr. Johnstone talk about why CPE is so dangerous, how we can detect and treat it, and what public health and healthcare providers can do to help prevent the spread. 

Dr. Johnstone also recent published an article with Dr. Samir Patel in CMAJ, Five Things to know about an Emerging Multidrug Resistant Bacteria

Want to learn more? See our infographic on Antibiotic overuse in Ontario’s long-term care homes, or the Ontario Health Profile on Antimicrobial Resistance. To find more about Dr. Johnstone’s work, see her scientist video profile

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Updated 20 Sep 2017