How to Get the Most Out of PHO Talks


23 Oct 2017

PHO Talks is coming up this week! Here’s how to get the most out of this event:

Get ready to watch:

  • Register now for the live-stream on October 26th and book the hour in your calendar to watch. You won’t want to miss the talks (but there will be videos of them posted later if you do!)
  • Be open to new ideas. This isn’t your regular lunch and learn session. These talks will introduce new ideas and challenge you to re-think health topics.

Share the experience with others:

  • Organize a viewing with your colleagues, peers, or classmates. Book a space and encourage everyone to bring their lunch.
  • Facilitate a short group discussion to talk about what you just heard. You can use the questions below, or come up with your own.

Reflect on what you learned:

  • Did you agree with the ideas? Why or why not?
  • How could you apply what you learned in your personal life, work or community? What action could you take right away to address this? One month from now? One year?              

Start a conversation:

  • Share the talks with others. We’ll post the talks on Youtube after the event. Whether you agreed, disagreed or just learned something new, sharing the talks is the first step in starting a conversation.
  • Tell us what you think! We’d love your feedback on the topics, the talks and the event format to help us plan the next event.
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Updated 23 Oct 2017